Sleigh Me

Daily Draw December 24th, 2008

From Ancient Feminine Wisdom:


Yes, watch out for those bare-breasted Amazon warrior women. We smite thee if you bug us.

There’s something a little off about this painting–her arm that is holding the bow seems to shift, almost as if the line of her body changes, and the shoulder moves to the side rather than the front–hard to explain, but look at it for a while and see it shift.

Shifting, tricky, bloody Amazon warrior women!! Oh my, watch out for Christmas Eve Santa. She has a bow and arrows and an axe and it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a lovely day in the neighbourhood, would you be mine, could you be mine?

I doubt it.

Pen was the queen of the Amazons, and came down on the side of Troy during the Trojan War, for which Achilles killed her and then wept that he’d slain someone so beauteous.

In the booklet, he mentions freedom and autonomy and women defending their rights. Just so!



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