Action, Detachment, and Batik Energy

Daily Draw December 19th, 2008

I had a bit of a rough start to the day with a snowstorm and feeling sick, but after a nap and some lunch I feel somewhat human again, but still going back to bed with a hot water bottle.

I have a number of decks down here that I’ve been using for comparisons and fiddling around with just because I like the artwork. Today I am using the Oracle of the Radiant Sun which has a lot of astrological associations that I usually ignore. The art contains old engravings that she’s coloured and put together in collages. I just like the look of it.

I recently made a tarot bag for it with a batik fabric with stars on it and some danglies with a brass moon, and a rich, red tie-dyed lining. I think I’ll pair it with another Essential Meditations Deck card.

#9 Domination + Harness Energy

The Jewish, Muslim, and Christian symbolism on the oracle card seems pretty clear. Funny, but a friend sent me a scan of an oracle card yesterday with a similar engraving of men wrestling in a classical sense, just like this one.

I have just finished reading the new Paul Theroux book Ghost Train to the Eastern Star and found myself thinking about how people are moving toward a more ecumenical, inter-religious outlook because they are tired of the violence associated with organized religions. Bullies are such a turn-off in life; we all want a bit of peace from browbeating and fundamentalism. And Dante loved the number nine by the way.

The Harness Energy card shows a figure meditating in the lotus position of yoga with good things like flowers and leaves bubbling up through the body to the mind. I have no idea how this relates to my day other than to be quiet and peaceful and rest to harness my energy after feeling sick. Breathing meditation and imagining the energy flowing into your body is often revitalizing.

The other card from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun is a card from the Action suit. This too is about energy and burning some off through an activity or sport, and standing back and being detached from dogma and ideals.

No pressure.





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