Get the Point?

Daily Draw December 17th, 2008

I have four new decks to enter into my database, and while checking to see if I had entered another deck, I got browsing in the database and looking at pictures, and then I decided to use the Essential Meditations Deck and my Art Postcard Oracle for today’s draw.

These two cards do go well together. The mixy match randomness of the Universe comes up with another delightful combo.



Seemingly opposites, as lighthouses are all about controlling the sea and the weather, or perhaps overriding it might be a better way to put it, in order to keep ships safe from harm and destruction.

In the other one, the lady in the rowboat has stopped rowing and is letting the current take her. Kind of a dangerous thing to do. The light keeper might admonish her for her loss of control, there always has to be someone at the helm, right?

Well maybe not. You aren’t going to break up on the sand of the beach at this section of Cape Henry, and the banks of the river in the other card look very smooth and grassy. If you pick the point (pun) at which you release your control, things can go pretty smoothly, leaving you to enjoy the sun and grass and water and sand.

Today is my point to release control and drift a bit. The meditation says in part: “. . .being gently swept along by the currents is pleasurable, even calming.”

I like lighthouses, you can buy kits to make them from laser cut wood in miniature 1/144 scale. At one point (!) I was looking into that for Malabar, my dollhouse owned by Charles, a former captain in the merchant navy. Charles made a 1/144 scale dollhouse for Margaret, the child of his girlfriend Frances, so then he thought he might like to make a lighthouse for himself and keep it on a table next to his sea chest. There is a lovely kit for the Thomas Point Lighthouse:


I shouldn’t have said anything, now Charles is fomenting an idea for a trip down to the States to visit various lighthouses. He still has the wanderlust that took him to sea in the first place. If I had $40 I’d buy him that lighthouse kit to keep him busy over the winter.


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