Skye Mirror Land

Daily Draw April 22, 2008

Overcome by the power of the Mirror Witch, Gumby and Pokey start hanging around with the wrong people and enter the book A Brief History of Infinity: The Quest to Think the Unthinkable.

Knowing they were in danger, the brass cat with the 1999 Canadian penny in its head strode into the alarming book to rescue them, drawing a card from the Karma Tarot as he did so. It was The Page of Coins, who was holding a book and is sister to the Mirror Witch but a much more friendly entity with nicer breasts, red hair and braids who zoomed around on a mirror throne with a huge laughing head on the back of it!! Oh wait, the laughing head is merely a reflection of what’s in the Earth. Things are not always as they seem!!

Zounds, the boys are in trouble!!

They had just read this when the cat arrived:

“In other words, infinity is just an illusion. Like the end of the rainbow, you can never actually get there, but it’s something to aim for.””

OH MY GOD, this author says you can’t get to the end of the rainbow!!! What kind of evil has taken over the trees and mountains of Mirrorland? We’ve got to the boys out of this living hell and back into the real world of rational thought.

Fortunately we can always turn to Clifford Pickover to rescue Gumby and Pokey from the clutches of madmen. What say you Cliff? Cliff has decided a quote by David Weeks and Kate Ward would be timely:

“In an era when human beings seem typecast by their culture or genes, eccentrics are a refreshing reminder of everyone’s intrinsic uniqueness. By heedlessly flouting norms of behavior that most of us never question, they remind us how much of our liberty we forfeit without thought, and how great our ability is, in fact, to forge our own identities and shape our own lives.”

Whew, it’s a good thing that brass cat with the 1999 Canadian penny in its head is our friend, I’d hate to have an eccentric like that on the side of the Mirror Witch. Reflecting her wicked face, the cat distracted the Mirror Witch long enough for the boys to escape from the infinite darkness of the book, and then followed them, leaving a brass whisker for the witch to trip on as she lunged at him.

Gumby said to Pokey after they escaped from non-existent infinity: “Gee Pokey, I never knew books could be so dangerous, but the Page of Coins and Cliff Pickover have made me realize that one should choose books wisely, be dedicated to learning, and show respect for knowledge. That means not walking into books indiscriminately.”

Pokey winked at the Page of Coins, pawed the ground, and licked the copper penny in his brass friend’s head, thus ensuring that he received essential minerals to nourish his body.

The End


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