The Dichotomy of Originality

Daily Draw September 24th, 2008

Today I am using the Tarot of the Imagination which is one of my favourite story decks. The artist, Ferenc Pintér, has an immediately recognizable style. I like artists like that.

My husband and I were discussing the infamous British artist Damien Hurst this morning. Neither of us respect his work because he makes millions, yet we could not look at a sculpture of an animal preserved in formaldehyde, and recognize it as his. It’s a pickled cow with symbolic doodads and gold leaf. Take it out of a chi-chi art gallery or Sotheby’s art marketing milieu and would people recognize it as **his** artwork? Nope.

The Tarot of Imagination is subtitled “Fragments of perception” which is wild.


Speaking of cloven hooves. . . .Satan gives the age old finger to the world and watches carefully for reaction. The world withers all around but he lives and changes cloaked in passion, temptation, originality, carnality. Odd that originality, which I think of as an extremely positive thing, can here be associated with The Devil.

It depends on what source and impact your originality has. Serial killers, liars, sadists, pedophiles, and artists can all be original, but if the world withers from their dark eye and twisted fingers, then originality becomes an eternally devilish hell.

From The Book of Silk today. . . .

“Documents of this period mention ‘kinkob’, a term adapted from a Chinese word, ‘chin’, designating gold-woven silk.”

Tied in with The Devil, the maxim “All that glitters is not gold” comes to mind. It’s odd how we tend as humans to tune out little homilies like this. We hear them so often and become disdainful. I didn’t start out to mention art or artists, but I pulled out Ferenc Pintér’s art and gasped with delight, and the dichotomy of originality reared up.

I get discouraged in my own art quite frequently, particularly when sensationalism makes millions and I don’t sell a fresh and lively original necklace, or when another artist tells me I shouldn’t outline an illustration when I already have, because that’s my style, but there is also a story in that today.


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