Small Rooms

Daily Draw – July 18th, 2008

This is a card from my Art Postcards. I explained about these in previous posts that I have since taken down, but they are postcards with art, that I collected and decided to use as an oracle.

Today’s card is from a graduating class in fashion, whose postcards were donated to me. I love these things. This one is done by designer Eve Walker and shows some woven ribbon samples with a stylized sketch of a belt and perhaps a coordinating fabric.

All I can think of is cinching my belt, or not spending money. I got a bit carried away as usual with buying books. I refuse to feel guilty because some of them I’ve been years waiting for publication. I also bought a fashion doll and several patterns for clothes for her. Out of the blue, like Eve fashions.

And to complete the picture, let’s have a little round-up of glory:

– 500 Handmade Dolls: Modern Explorations of the Human Form
– 500 Handmade Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form
– Berlin: City of Smoke, Book Two
(graphic novel series by Jason Lutes)
– Fashion Doll Clothing
– Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo

As Kenneth Clark said in his Civilisation series:

“I wonder if a single thought that has helped forward the human spirit, has ever been conceived or written in an enormous room?”

Inspiration is like a rocket inside a small room.


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