I Knew That Pig Eraser Would Come in Handy

Daily Draw June 24th, 2008


She is terrified that her new photo holder made from a black pig eraser and gunmetal-coloured 18-gauge wire will not hold the card. Pig is aghast that she hasn’t heard of The Legend of the Black Pig.


Many years ago there were no black pigs in the world and young girls often felt the whisper of worryswords hanging over their heads while trying to sleep under patchwork quilts. One day all the small, pink pigs were snuffling through the forest trying to find some delicious mushrooms when a raven flew overhead. They squealed at the raven because he was blocking their light (they were really tiny, pink pigs and couldn’t see too far), and the raven grew frustrated with their focus on food rather than the intellectual soaring and exploration that he was fond of.

So he breathed on them and turned them black, and they could see even less in the forest after that, so lost their focus on food and decided to become rune masters in a meadow surrounded by ash trees. The pigs made lots of runes for humans who came to the meadow for advice and brought their porcine friends carrots and potatoes to eat in payment, and many young girls then went home feeling much safer and encouraged in life and stopped worrying needlessly about swords and made more patchwork quilts for their trousseaus, and thus attracted men of fortitude and personal power who valued industry and thriftiness in a future wife.

After that the black pigs multiplied and became a common sight. Even today, black pigs are about in the world solving problems and thinking for themselves and coming up with cutting edge solutions to human worry. This fellow dutifully bears his responsibility knowing that power always comes from within.


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