Music on the Mall

Daily Draw June 22nd, 2008

I did a draw yesterday and didn’t post it –the King of Wands / Prabu Bomantara–an ogre king and the enemy of Krishna (called Kresna in Javanese Wayang Kulit.) Keywords for him were “Active, generous, fuming” and he had a very red face. So I woke up this morning and deleted posts here, and edited elsewhere, and immediately felt the calming effect of letting things go.


A postcard from my Art Postcards with a quote by Leslie Nelson Jennings:

Once it was hardly worth remark
When summer came to Central Park
It’s not the heat of mid-July
Or thunder blacking out the sky
That I remember most of all
But things like music on the Mall. . . .

The things that make good memories for me are music, literature and art, and that’s what I need to spend time on.


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