Music on the Mall

Daily Draw June 22nd, 2008

I did a draw yesterday and didn’t post it –the King of Wands / Prabu Bomantara–an ogre king and the enemy of Krishna (called Kresna in Javanese Wayang Kulit.) Keywords for him were “Active, generous, fuming” and he had a very red face. So I woke up this morning and deleted posts here, and another project, and edited elsewhere, and immediately felt the calming effect of letting things go along with the anger and resentment that were burning inside me.


A postcard from my Art Postcards with a quote by Leslie Nelson Jennings:

Once it was hardly worth remark
When summer came to Central Park
It’s not the heat of mid-July
Or thunder blacking out the sky
That I remember most of all
But things like music on the Mall. . . .

One good thing about a recent project that I deleted from consideration, I connected to Mr. Blue Sky, an old song by The Electric Light Orchestra, and had a soaring time with the pictures resulting from that. I was matching words from the song with pictures done with cards or collage off cards, and it turned into a cheery exercise. It was like happening upon music on the mall on a summer’s day.

The things that make good memories for me are music, literature and art, and that’s what I need to spend time on.

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