Big Heads Bouncing with Flexible Strength

Posted May 23, 2015 by JJ
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I was delighted after my draw yesterday with an e-mail and phone call about a huge secret. Someone in the family did in vitro fertilization and is now pregnant with a boy (perhaps Mr. Harum Scarum?) They’ve been keeping this a secret for about ten weeks until all the tests were done. So, as the card said “I only keep good secrets” and someone did.

RAVEN – I Believe In Magick


It won’t surprise anyone to hear that I don’t believe in magick. It may be there, but it’s never happened to me. Jesus has never zoomed down to perform miracles in my life either. Am I not worth it, do I not pray enough Big J?

Raven is a trickster with a haunting voice. His black colour reminds us of the mysterious, and the place of “Great Unknowing” where the powers and great Spirit of the Universe reside. He can fly back and forth between that and us humans, like a messenger. See yourself worthy of receiving: perhaps that’s it, my worthy transmitter broke.

For Strength, I think I might be getting a whiff of the reversed meaning in lack of direction and being overwhelmed. Yet mastery and control are part of this card; that cat stands his ground while the big dog licks him.

My cat often goes up to my Newfoundland dog to get a cuddle and she gets licked and licked while they both enjoy the company. The big dog could simply knock her over, but she never does. There’s a certain adaptability or flexibility to Strength that I haven’t considered before. It’s control, but it’s a flexible control, like bouncing back after a large dog licks your ear and your whole head bounces around.

Raven of course knows this from visiting the Great Unknowing.



The Belled Cat Keeps a Secret

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Back to reality after being winked out of the universe by The Great Envelope Imperative.

KNIGHT OF CATS (Knight of Swords) – Russian Blue Cat
LYNX – I Only Keep Good Secrets


Two cats today, and one of them is Mr. Harum Scarum, my Russian Blue Knight of Swords. He often comes up for me, reminding me not to dash off and do things impetuously. There is something to be said for being quick-acting though. I find especially for creative projects that I often need to dash off and get things done because if I overthink things, I never get them down in concrete form. Despite having a bell around his neck, this Knight will still take action.

The illustration on the Lynx card was done by Sioux Dollman, who is mentioned in tiny print inside the book. A bad secret might be when someone says “Don’t tell” when they are being abusive to you, and a good secret might be keeping a confidence when someone tells you they are getting a job promotion.

Don’t go dashing off saying you will keep a secret when you won’t, is Mr. Harum Scarum’s advice. There are people who blab and gossip and you just can’t trust.

Cats are good at keeping secrets, talk to your trustworthy cat friends.



Database Flies with Icarus and Silenus

Posted May 18, 2015 by JJ
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This is one of my favourite decks. I like comics, and Mike Indovina has several featuring his character Silenus as well as this wonderful tarot deck packed with mythology and interesting scenes.

I owned a red car for a year which we called “Hector” after the famous Trojan hero killed by Achilles. The day I received this deck in August 2009, we were on holidays and went out, but some guy in a Dodge Ram truck smashed us to smithereens, and I remember my hesitation in wanting to go out on a different day, and that I should stay in and explore my new deck.

Always listen to your feelings. Silenus knows.


I have enjoyed many draws with this, and the cards are small at 89 x 64 mm but they have lots of details. Silenus was a learned satyr in Greek mythology, and people often tried to capture him to force him to impart his wisdom; even the famous King Midas did that. Silenus might have tutored Dionysus and helped the gods in a fight against giants, he is everywhere, which makes him an apt narrator for the tarot journey.

Each card has a scene from Greek mythology that Mike paired with Rider-Waite meanings but he aimed for a visual echo of the Rider-Waite cards too. I don’t often think of it like this but it’s there is you compare. (Click to enlarge.)


I am fond of any deck that deals with mythology, but I wonder if this deck became ghettoized as a Comic-Con gimmick? Tarot people will often be disdainful of any deck resembling a comic. Not so, it is a fine deck with lots of depth and research. It would make a meaningful contribution to anyone serious about tarot and history, mythology and folklore. Here are some draws I made with it.

Ah, the Golden Fleece, Daedalus and his wings, and those centaurs having a bit too much to drink. Fearsome folk.

Mike Indovina has a B.A. in Fine Art (as do many comic artists) and you can still buy the deck directly from him. He has a guidebook for it too which I must buy at some point. He is another artist and thinker who deserves a much wider audience. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a deck that has this much research and depth.



The View from the Cage

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A wake-up call, a call to action, opportunity. I always think of canaries down coal mines to warn of deadly gases. If the canaries keel over and die, you need to get out of the mine.

There is a sense here of escape which I like.

For the last two days I’ve been working on my weekly sketch. Every week I vow to loosen up and every week I seem to get bogged down in details. Five hours in and I’m still not finished. Hopefully tomorrow, but it has been enjoyable because I’ve been drawing and painting on my sunporch and I can see the tree swallows nesting and hear the wrens and watch the orioles and chipmunks, in a room that has windows all around and is light and cheery.

I could be trapped in worse places. That canary has a 360° view like me on my sunporch.



Rabbits Know the Mystery of Kindness

Posted May 16, 2015 by JJ
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I have reached the pinnacle of human knowledge: I found out how to do automatic duplex printing on my inkjet printer yesterday. It’s a small thing but it worked. I then made myself a lined insert for my fauxdori on new paper that I can use with fountain pens. Yeah, it’s very exciting.

18 – MOON


Another drop-dead gorgeous card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

Oh sure, learn duplex printing la-dee-da, then forget to spend 2 minutes adjusting for the crummy scanning abilities of the printer. I had to go back and adjust those Levels in Photoshop, it bugged me. A tricky thing obsession…

The ever-changing moon-like quality of life, impermanence and the tricky quality of computers and crazy 3-day weekend traffic and how the world is changing, leaving one tharn (see Watership Down for clarification), and overwhelmed, frozen in uncertainty.

I can’t get it all out of my mind, I saw photographs of parrots being smuggled by being stuffed in plastic pop bottles and I can’t get it out of my mind, I just want to escape the human species, the insufferable disconnection we have to our cruelty.

I was in a public washroom yesterday. Two stalls one sink. The woman ahead of me went to the sink and rattled out a bunch of make-up on the counter and was standing there peering at herself. I cringed in and washed my hands, apologizing, and thanked her when I’d finished washing my hands. As I left she said in a confrontational tone “You could have waited your turn” to which I replied “Yes I could have, sorry” and left.

Had I waited and stood behind her waiting and waiting while she did her hair and make-up, no doubt she would have crabbed “What are you looking at?” or “Why are you watching me?” or some such thing. I was never going to win, she was a troglodyte from her bleached hair, pink striped t-shirt, denim overalls, and hard, lined face; looking for a fight, looking to be mean. Make-up and teenybopper clothes won’t help you, woman at the mirror.

I fled, not wanting to interact with people for weeks again. Under the Moon, I sit and ponder how much better the Universe would be without all of us, we humans stuffing birds into plastic bottles and pretending we are pretty.

The Paper and Ink Supply Chain

Posted May 14, 2015 by JJ
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12 – CHAINED DOG (The Hanged Man)


These colours go well together.

Vision is about noticing things, paying attention to signs, symbols and messages Divinely placed to guide us in the right direction.

The Chained Dog is in stasis, tied up and not able to break free.

I’m going out to get some Jasmine tea today. I usually buy ten boxes of it at a time because our local stores don’t carry it. While in this larger town, I’m going to buy some paper at Staples which supposedly works well with fountain pens. The really expensive writing paper I can only get by mail order and I would pay $8 to $12 for shipping, and I just want to write a couple of letters.

These cards remind me of the constraints I feel trying to get supplies. I kept trying and trying to buy specialty paper for fountain pen ink but the stores either don’t have the right paper or the right ink, and it just wasn’t working for all that money.

The sign is to try another way for now, so that’s what I’m doing, and it’s $6 instead of $22 so that’s always a message.

Wouldn’t it be nice to swish around with nice writing paper and fancy pens and inks? Sure, but if you can’t manage it, you can’t manage it. No big deal.

Dances with Parrots

Posted May 13, 2015 by JJ
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I was working on my weekly sketch for two days and don’t seem to be able to do more than one thing. It’s like I can do the card blog or an outdoor sketch or the weekly sketch but I can’t do them all at once. It gets a bit frustrating, but if I do a lot I get exhausted or my hand starts hurting.

So I am doing a laundry now, which is a good time to do the daily card too.

X OF BIRDS – GREEN PARROT – (10 of Cups)


Look at that parrot, he’s ready to go, bursting with exuberance and happiness. He had a nice shower and wants to get going and do something.

The Devotion card is about connecting to the Divine, expressing gratitude, and making devotion a daily habit. I have been writing daily in a Gratitude Journal since January and it’s a quiet, nice thing to do. In looking back it makes me realize all the things I do have.

Including lots of card decks. Can’t beat that.





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