Green Glows the Simmering Hot Liquid

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Say no more.

Another great card by Mindy, notice the glowing green centre, simmering, ready to start the oozing, burning lava flow at any minute. It reminds me of the line from I Claudius, “Let all the poisons that are in the mud hatch out.” Dear old Clau-Clau knew his human nature, as did Robert Graves.

Sigh. This deck is always rather canny I find.




That Old Swirling Depression

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The swirling depths, overtaking the mind. The snow, obscuring.


An evocative card for Depression, definitely. I liked this idea from Mindy in the booklet:

“Remember that this ‘black hole’ is emanating from within, not without. We are not at the mercy of externals when this card appears.”

We are not.



The Changing Light of Guilt

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You know what I like about this card? The way the ghostly overlay seems to take over the main graphic, which is exactly how Guilt feels in the mind, it sits there, ghosting out all the good and colouring your life with strong emotion.



My scanner just does not convey the saturation and shades in this deck, the card is much richer than this.

I don’t feel guilty today but one thought from the booklet struck me: “…self-condemnation is too much to bear.” I had another dream about a former workplace, the second dream this week. In each one there was an overwhelming disorganization and everyone told you to do something different and the added pressure of dealing with the public added to that stress. It just went on and on in the dreams until I forced myself to wake up.

I do sometimes feel guilty about that place, which is ludicrous considering the huge amount of work I poured into it. I am not particularly good with people problems though so I feel guilty about my handling of certain things, having run into yet another people problem on a forum yesterday.

My approach to such things is to pull back, disappear, quit speaking, get back to my hidey-hole. It is the introvert’s solution to such things. Should I feel guilty or should I embrace the normality of my true Self?

Maybe part of the light of guilt is to realize that you have nothing to feel guilty about?

Introverts are drained by social encounters and energized by solitary, often creative pursuits. Their disposition is frequently misconstrued as shyness, social phobia or even avoidant personality disorder, but many introverts socialize easily; they just strongly prefer not to. [Psychology Today]

Don’t you LOVE it?




The King of Colour

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I’ve been slowly colouring a paisley design with Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, which I am wildly keen on. I’ve had four of these Dover colouring books for years, and use them occasionally for embroidery or bead embroidery or miniature rug designs. I never thought I’d colour them, but as long as I can still see the linework it doesn’t matter.

I can’t do too much because of chronic tendonitis, but as long as I wear my cuff, I can do a bit each day.




No, he’s the King of Colour today, with his magic square on the side of his chair and his faithful dog, he is embracing fuchsia to cheer himself up. He does look a little glum but colour works wonders.

Success is not measured by how quickly it comes. He’s been waiting and waiting and it’s all getting tiresome but he is concentrating on colour today and not thinking about how slow success is in coming.

I had another nightmare about my last workplace. That was a bit of a downer but I woke up determined to focus on colour.




The Archetype for Jewellery-Making

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Bad day yesterday, whew. Today when I got up I had my vitamin/protein drink, showered, and went to the library. Then came home and got dithering over the fact that I didn’t have suitable earrings to match a new blouse and the t-shirt I wore today. You would think with this amount of earrings I would have something appropriate but I am missing some colourways.


So out came the beads and findings and pliers. I took apart one old pair and redid them and made six new pairs of earrings, with more to do tomorrow. It’s been a while since I felt like making anything so thought I’d roll with it.




This guy knows! He says, carrying a new library book back after a visit to his local library, “Jude, I couldn’t find any earrings that matched my outfit, I was in such a dither about it I’m going home to make something suitable.”

That’s why they call tarot cards archetypes.



Roses on a Sunday

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Two of the reasons I really like the Circle of Life Tarot is that the images and meanings are so different, prone to interpretation outside the norm.



So here she is with her green hair sprouting roses and two filled bags of some sort behind her, looking in a mirror with a gnome-like creature above her by the tree roots. Very interesting, and the booklets says:

“Our image, when reflected, never corresponds to reality. If we only look in the mirror, we lose all contact with reality.”

Hardly an Empress-y saying but interesting. She’s in a burrow under tree roots, watched over by a gnome who looks quite happy. Abundant hair, flowers and perhaps riches in the bags behind her. Today I am thinking that as she turns from the mirror to enjoy the reality of her protected circumstance, it might be Sunday and she has slept well and wants to continue reading her fascinating biography of Pierre Berton and catch up on the laundry. The gnome trimmed her hair before she bathed and she is noticing how much better it cascades down her back with a bit of a trim, with no split ends to catch on tree roots.

Of course, this is naturally all in the card.

Happy Sunday!

The Time Thing Again

Posted August 14, 2015 by JJ
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In this deck, this is about how plans that take a long time are often the most reliable. The pumpkin grows slowly, the human fetus grows slowly, and the life cycle of periodical cicadas can be up to 20 years. I looked at that bug and knew it was a cicada because of the time thing, but it’s carrying a little sword and the head looks like it has hair.

Its hair has grown over time, waiting and waiting to be born.


Again I am told to wait, to bide my time, to let plans come to fruition slowly to get the best result. Abide a while under the earth, in the womb, waiting.




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