The Spirit Within Waiting



I like the idea with this of looking at things after waiting for a while and deciding if you should continue to wait or try something else, try an alternative. I’ve never thought of that with this card, I usually think of waiting and being patient after working hard, but not actually saying “Well, that’s enough of that, it’s not working, I’ll have to try another way.”

The Princess of Cups: the waves behind her look like unravelled knitting yarn. Hey, maybe she gave up and she’s trying again by unravelling her sweater and deciding to use the yarn to make socks? A dreamy child like this likes to put her imagination to work.

It’s a scary thought to change direction, change plans, decide to do it a different way. Or you could just wait and dream away, nurture new things that way. Both these figures seem to want to do that.

Me too.



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The Spirit Within the Sneak



I always wonder who the Sneak is in this card. Today I think it is me, or rather the auto-message in my brain. I am re-reading Danny Gregory’s book Shut Your Monkey and the relevant page, complete with one of the new corner bookmarks I made myself weeks ago refers says this: “Stop trying to change things before you can get to work.” The little voice in the brain telling you that you can’t do something because the conditions aren’t right, or your back hurts, or you’re tired, or you have a foot cramp, just goes on an on, like a thief sneaking off with your time and energy.


To go with the Seven of Swords I picked a card from Marg Thomson’s Mandala Meditations deck. I think the word Protection was wanted for general sneakiness surrounding the day, but I also liked the words Discover, Unveil, Expand, as if to say that despite feelings of fatigue or pain, I can have a play, sort things out, experiment with whatever I feel like. Owl protection and blossoms burst forth, circling, like the sun in the Seven of Swords. The real inner voice is a quiet one, not the chattering mind that robs you of days.

Sometimes you are your own enemy, your thoughts sneaking off with the day just as the sun comes up.


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The Spirit Within Temperature Man

As I was doing this draw I kept seeing my mini thermometer on the bookshelf in my living room, and it felt appropriate to the moment.



This is about my bank. Interesting that he is blindfolded which can or can’t be a good thing, as I saw with this card in the Ostara Tarot and the Stellar’s Jay with the blindfold.

I notice those circular roiling clouds in the background indicating a state of mind that’s roiling as well. Lead with the head and be rational, don’t leap in emotionally. Words can provide balance or they can cut; red or blue zone. I’m inching into the red which might be good for the temperature in my house but not so good for my mind. Sometimes you have to stand with worry or anxiety, keeping yourself balanced, and breathe.

To blindfold my emotions today might be apt. Quarter moon, quarter those anxieties. I feel that grip, those heavy swords, the idea of anchoring, despite turmoil. After I wrote this my confirmation from the bank came in the mail so I can let that anxiety go.

The Two of Swords holds me steady. Oh, and I noticed that the mini thermometer’s plastic case was a bit skewy after I took this photo, so I rotated it back into alignment. The perfect tie-in for Temperature Man.





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The Spirit Within Rutilated Spheres

I felt I needed some augmentation with this card. Kuan Yin and her cat Lotus Blossom have been behind cupboard doors, so they grabbed the chance to leap out and have a chat with this Queen.



This is one of the only true crystals I have. I bought it on eBay from a seller who described the rutiles in the quartz as “fairy inclusions”, leading Lotus Blossom to forever look for fairies in the sphere in the hope that he could bite their heads off and snack on them.

Kuan Yin often listens to Lotus Blossom babbling about fairies, she is quite like the Queen of Cups that way, ready to listen, especially to cats.


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The Spirit Within the Database

Okay all visual database geeks, I have entered the new beauty into my database. Today I am not picking a card I am merely showing a screen shot of the database all neat and tidy, my newest entry in its exact spot. There is something to be said for organization.


I decided to cancel my book order for Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible volumes 2 and 3. While looking through book 1 in a refresher browse, I found that I could not tolerate the new-age bumph. What put me over the edge was the description in the back about Crystal Forms, specifically Cathedral Quartz:

“Cathedral Quartz is a cosmic computer that contains the wisdom of the ages. It is a Light Library, holding a record of all that has occurred on earth.”

“The Light Library can be accessed by meditating with a Cathedral Quartz. It aids attunement to the universal mind, and acts as a receptor and transmitter for group thought, which is raised to a higher vibration through contact with the pure energies of the crystal. It also provides access to the Akashic Record. 

“It is believed that Cathedral Quartz makes itself known every two thousand years to aid the evolution of consciousness by raising thought to a higher vibration. Cathedral Quartz can be programmed to being about a better world.”

Quartz, forming in the earth, does in some way hold what has occurred on earth due to its own formation, but to extrapolate from that that it holds secrets and wants to aid the evolution of consciousness is pure human hooey. Every two-thousand years indeed, why not every year or every hundred years? Human fabrications are like that about time.

Cathedral Quartz just whispered to me “I was a cosmic computer in my last life, now I want to create wall murals.” I’m with you buddy.

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The Spirit Within Lovey-Dovey



Oh boy, after decades of marriage we are definitely not like this card.

I did however see many young people like this at a concert we went to last night. Some were hugging and some got up to dance at the front of the stage. They allowed draft beer and canned beer in the venue which I’d never seen before, so everybody was having a good time. It was nice to see people on dates too, what a great idea for a date, go to see a music concert, grab a beer and some popcorn, be with your sweetheart.

This wasn’t jazz or classical music, but I went because the spouse likes the artist. I really enjoyed myself, but the spouse didn’t seem to. He wouldn’t talk when we got home and I asked him in the morning if he didn’t enjoy it, and he was hesitant, said he felt funny about it and was still trying to figure it out. After all that happy anticipation he seems closed up.

The two people on the card are right in the moment, among the trees and grass, soaring like the bird in their hearts, the glow more than sun but some inner sparkle.

A reminder perhaps that in love and music, there is nothing to figure out, nothing to analyze, just enjoy the moments of joy, be with your surroundings, and the feel of the day.


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The Spirit Within Gratitude

Oh, those wonderful manifesting and energetic Aces. I think of the Earth, actually I am literally thinking of the Earth because I bought those two Crystal Portrait decks. In rummaging through my books, I hauled out Judy Hall’s first Crystal Bible and decided to buy volumes 2 and 3. [Update: a couple of days later I cancelled the order due to the proliferation in the books of new-age gobbledygook.]


There are many subjective “properties” ascribed to crystals, and every author seems to have their own take on that, which is why I describe them as subjective. I really want these books for the photographs and information about where they are mined. I am not interested in crystal healing but I like crystals and gemstones, anything from the Earth is interesting.



There we go, hand me the Earth on a platter.

“Boost to health” indeed, because I like to learn and that makes me feel better. I did five loads of laundry today. Big, heavy dog blankets, towels, and lighter fleece toppers for the dogs. They went to the groomers and I wanted them to have nice, fresh bedding. Laundry is the epitome of earthy things today, as are sweet-smelling dogs, exhausted and conked out on fresh blankies.

And I am grateful. I have slipped up a bit with my Gratitude Journal because I feel sick or down most of the time from physical pain, but there is something to be said for the hand of God handing you the Earth. Something to sing about, this pentacle of mine.




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