Radiant Possibilities

Posted February 10, 2016 by JJ
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With little action at home base here after three weeks of searching, we have decided to view some houses in another town, one north of here in a totally different community. Online, there were about eight possibilities in our budget, which gave us some hope and the resolve to try another tack.

This is happening tomorrow, and I drew a card for the journey:



I am not a big fan of Sun cards but this is a beauty, you really get a sense of warmth and enveloping light and protection. One of the things it signifies according to John Matthews, is a “…a joyous acceptance of good things.”

Optimism, light showing the way forward, fulfillment of a long awaited dream, certainty, triumph. I feel like playing a march and saluting. It bodes well.

The Imperious Fabric Consultant

Posted February 7, 2016 by JJ
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COUNT COINS (King of Pentacles)


Boy these Kings. This fellow is very fond of black and yellow and was encouraging me to find a matching fabric to put in the quilt blocks I am sewing. I told him I wasn’t using either yellow or black and he grabbed his big coin and said “I know what’s best!” Maybe so but I’ve already chosen other colours.

Kings are great at issuing edicts and spending and talking about money. Sometimes it just isn’t practical. This guy is the treasury minister and his spiffy clothes reflect that. We are finding it hard to always cook meals since we are out a lot and we both feel guilty if we buy ourselves lunch out. Yet, he would be generous enough with himself to allow a little treat like that once a week or so. He would never let himself look or live like he was ragged and homeless.

Good cloth lasts for years, cheap cloth falls apart. There is a metaphor there for marriage I think. Be generous, be orderly, keep a keen eye on spending, but allow the pragmatism of buying lunch now and then.

And never use yellow and black in quilt blocks. There lies the road to oblivion!!



Hand Sewn Bag for the Byzantine Tarot

Posted February 6, 2016 by JJ
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I was quite pleased with this and it fits the box I bought for $5 in the thrift shop to house the deck. It was made from two fat quarters from the quilt shop and sewn by hand with a #10 sharp needle.


The ribbon ties are sewn into the side seams but I didn’t make a drawstring channel, just the ties, so it closes like a gift bag. I’ve left the ribbon long until I get some beads to finish off the ties and decide on a final length.

The bottom corners were boxed like a handbag so that I didn’t have too much extra fabric to cram into the box.


Here it is in its box, where the fabric at the top nestles in to keep the deck from rattling around. I didn’t have a lot of room between the deck and the box lid, which was another reason I wanted a more tailored bag for this. The lining really cushions the deck even though I didn’t use batting in the construction of the bag.



Hopefully I can get some suitable beads to put on the ribbons. I discovered there is a bead store in this town too. I went from having nothing in the small town I lived in back in Ontario, to having what seems like a richness of supplies and stores here.

Now I’m going to start a free patchwork block-of-the-month, in order use up some of the fabric I bought for this plus six new fat quarters I bought to coordinate.

It’s called inspiration: cards inspiring creativity yet again!





Count on It

Posted February 5, 2016 by JJ
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COUNT STAFFS (King of Wands)


This is Saint Kosmas of Maiuma, a bishop who wrote poetry, sacred hymns and defended imagery of the Church against iconoclasts, who were hell bent (pun!) on destroying all the lovely statues, frescoes, and mosaics in churches.

He reminds me a bit of Hildegard von Bingen, who also wrote and painted, and was a poet and creator of music, and proponent of the spiritual life and art.

Like all Kings, this chap can be a bit of a controlling, critical presence, but I see him today as someone who reasons, yet has a creative, spiritual side. A reminder of balance and dignity. I haven’t been too dignified in the last two days, I’ve been sore and stroppy with the spouse, and generally not my cheery self. Today I must read and write in my journals with my marvelous fountain pens and ink I brought with me, and have dignity and order surrounding me.

I hope to finish the tarot bag I have been hand sewing for this deck tomorrow or later today. It always takes longer to hand sew things, and I’ve done some extra backstitching for reinforcement of seams in both the lining and main fabric, as the deck is quite large. The bag fits though, and I boxed the corners so it has a more tailored look to it and won’t have oodles of fabric spilling out the sides when I put it in its box.

There is a new age shop in this town so I might drift in and see if I can find some beads or something to embellish it. Ideally I would eventually make my own beads and highlight them with gold paint, but that’s for down the line when we eventually get into a house.

Kosmas says “Count on it.”



Blah in Blue

Posted February 3, 2016 by JJ
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This is definitely what my day was like. We missed a chance at a house yesterday and then I heard that my cat was still pretty upset and it had me sobbing in the dark at midnight last night.

Boredom, disappointment, ennui. In an effort to propel myself out of it we drove to a fabric store so I could get some sewing notions, since all mine are stored away.


I got two fat quarters to make a bag for the Byzantine Tarot, but I needed even the most simple things for hand sewing, like pins, needles, thimbles, thread, and a ruler, and then I threw in some sharp scissors for cutting fabric and some ribbon for ties.

There is a box of something on the plate rail above the lady in the image. It looks like glass-headed pins for sewing which is a timely message. I am missing an iron so not sure if I can borrow one from the motel; I’ll have to ask.

Tentative steps toward a more positive attitude. If this works out I might hand sew some quilt blocks too. I love hand piecing.



Thrift Shop Boxes Scale the Mountain

Posted January 31, 2016 by JJ
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There is a small thrift shop near here and the spouse spotted some boxes in the window so we went in. I nabbed a small 1.5 inch round box with a picture of seagulls and some three dimensional shells on the lid for $1. A perfect reflection of our new home by the sea.


Then we saw this one for $5 which had the depth to fit the new Byzantine Tarot, so I bought it.


In picking a card today I chose one with colours that complemented this box and got…

SEVEN STAFFS (Seven of Wands)


He is properly grinding up the mountain successfully after a long struggle, which as always reminds me of my struggle to find a home. We are going to a house viewing this week and the reversal of this card suggests being paralyzed by indecision so much that you can’t find the way forward. That’s often the way I feel, particularly with a huge purchase like this and the fixer upper I’m going to see.

Now, see this box is a little big…normally I would make the deck a tuckbox to snug it in there, but if anyone has another suggestion, please comment. I suppose I could make it a cloth bag to take up some extra room and keep the cards safe. I don’t have any materials with me though, but there is a quilt shop near here with fabric, thread, and needles, I could buy two fat quarters and hand sew the deck a lined bag with a flap. Oh, but then I’d need a thimble too–more expense!

I’ll think on that for a bit.




The Romantic Reader

Posted January 28, 2016 by JJ
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Countess Cups (Queen of Cups)


Doesn’t she look sweet? One thing that struck me about the image was the way if you look from a distance, the tasselled canopy behind her looks like an extension of her shoulders, as if she was carrying weight, balancing the surroundings, sensitive to the environment, the figure in the doorway to calm.

Placid and calm, she is regretting that she couldn’t find a biography to read at the library yesterday and some magazines. However, she did buy a temporary library card and borrowed three mystery novels. What could be better than a book and a library card? The Byzantine Tarot book notes that she is likely to lose herself in a book or art, which would describe the way I felt in the library. I was in the literature aisle looking at poetry books and someone kept trying to go past but I was oblivious. I finally tuned in and said to her “Sorry, you know what it’s like when you get into a book and zone out” and she nodded and smiled.

Dreamy, distant, up-in-the-clouds Queens we are today.






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