Jay Squawking About Equilibrium

Posted October 2, 2017 by JJ
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I felt good today, we had two walks yesterday and I had no cravings and no pain in my legs or abdominal organs. I also kick-started a project yesterday from a few months ago. One of my pen pals made me two white doilies in fine crochet cotton, and I was perking along appliquéing them to a background so I could make pillows out of them, and I could not find pillow forms for them. Fabricland does not sell the great pillow forms they used to carry. So during a sale, I ordered two forms via mail order from the States and now I can get going again.

With cooler weather I will soon have to switch to my heavy duvet and these pillows are to go with that.  Then I need to finish the winter nightie I embroidered and sew it together. I can’t seem to settle myself to sew on my quilt until I get these older projects done. I did however lay out the quilt blocks and got them in order and labelled ready to baste together for machine quilting individually.




I actually found a feather from a Stellar’s Jay in the garden two days ago, and here he is. We have four of these birds that hang around gobbling food and they are raucous and noisy but they bring so much life to the garden.

This reminds me of balance and equilibrium in day-to-day matters. I felt good, I was up at 5:30 bursting with energy and after some journalling I came down to do e-mail and what is there staring me in the face on the Internet: 50 people gunned down in Las Vegas and hundreds more injured.

It’s like those two swords are my health problems and world health problems, and I am caught between. Every day there is something horrible on the news or some horrible Twitter comment by Comb-over Caligula, another terror attack or a nuclear threat and poor leadership all around. After the last week of hell with my health I have to make better choices. Stewardship, leadership starts with one person, yourself.

One of the things about this card is avoidance, avoiding what’s in front of you to save yourself emotional pain. It never works, better to face it, face the reality of the world, take steps to heal what you can, look to the path ahead. Avoidance is no answer to life’s worries.


Doves in the Fire

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I didn’t notice before that this deck does not number the Major Arcana. That doesn’t bother me since historically there is no documentation of the original order of these cards. I think that’s why I was never fussed about using numbers to relate cards together.

This Tower is really engulfed in flames, but the doves have fortunately escaped the fire. In reality, the extreme heat would burn them up this close but then we wouldn’t have the idea of overcoming or escaping disaster. I like it, like this card!

Well, I am thinking that this might refer to the danger of losing my temper or otherwise having words with the spouse. Either that or I’m going to die.

In case I die I am eating a fresh peach.

Happy Sunday!

Emphasis on Health and Change

Posted September 30, 2017 by JJ
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I finally got my last two decks into the database yesterday, and just have the Ostara Tarot to put in there and I’m caught up.

I decided to draw two cards from the Dreaming Way Lenormand.



We all have our favourites that we check first before buying a card deck, whether it be tarot or oracle. For me it’s the Tree and Clouds, Garden and Birds in Lenormands.

Surprisingly, after a week of trying to calm down a gallbladder attack with attendant pancreatitis, these two cards fit the situation. I don’t know why I should be surprised but it was interesting. The Tree can mean good things like growth and nature, but it can also mean health health problems or problems with vitality or the life force. “This’ll learn me” I said to myself after suffering during a week of agony and worry. But it never does apparently. This was the second attack like this I’ve had but they are getting worse. Time to change. Really.

The Whips paired with this can mean chronic illness and recurring pain, my old cycle of pain. I liked the idea of stewardship with the Tree, because as well as stewards of the natural world we are stewards of our physical bodies. If you don’t look after your body that is poor stewardship. A whip can also mean abuse, in this case abuse of health and the body, and I also see self-flagellation with this in that I tend to moan and beat myself up by saying “Why have I done this to myself, why can’t I stop?”

Health and recurring, chronic pain, the cards always know!

I bought a Kindle book on healing the gallbladder and following the recommendations, I am healing but the next attack is not far behind with permanent damage IF I DON’T CHANGE.

Yeah, the cards always know.

Snakes We Know and Love

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Some always think of snakes as bad things, and in this case I mistook the snake on the Dreaming Way Lenormand for a venomous Coral Snake when it is actually a Milk Snake, probably the New Mexico Milk Snake Lampropeltis triangulum celaenops which is similar to the Lampropeltis triangulum snake on my Milk Snake card but having whiter stripes.

A pithy rhyme to tell the good from the bad in these similar red snakes.

Red Touch Yellow – Kills a Fellow
Red Touch Black – Venom Lack
Yellow Touches Red – Soon You’ll Be Dead
Red Touches Black – Friend of Jack

The dorsal scales are so smooth that they feel like enamel and the Latin Lampropeltis means “shining skin shield” to reflect that, and celaenops comes from the Greek, kelainops, which means “dark-faced”. I saw one person online saying that all coral snakes have black faces which is not true. The identification of the snake highlights the ambiguity of this card in general.

Is the person the real threat or is it the snake? Is it a poisonous snake or a harmless snake: appearances can be deceiving.

I drew this card yesterday and it reminds me of the contractor who visited to advise us on our fireplace tile. He obviously did not want to do it or help us, after being so friendly on the phone, that I felt very disappointed and obsessed about it until 1 a.m. when I realized that my entire back had locked up in muscle spasms. I was trying and trying to figure out a way to do this or to paint and stencil the tiles or something to get what I want.

After tapping on the situation three times, I was able to let it go. (Thanks Chloe for the nudge on tapping.)

But my tension and obsession with getting what I wanted was all out of proportion, like the snake in the card wrapping the girl tightly, her own mind strangling her since it is a harmless milk snake.

Wise up girlie!



Weighed Down but Stable

Posted September 16, 2017 by JJ
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This card deck has quite a strong chemical smell from the printing, so I’ve taken the book and cards out and I’m airing them in a tarot cupboard with some incense which will hopefully help the smell to dissipate.



This can mean several things but since I’m winging it without extra cards it seemed like a positive message.

In the book Rana explains that the rocks in the background are off Beirut, Lebanon but they remind me of the rock formations we see in Canada too.

The Anchor always brings to mind my favourite Uncle, who was in the merchant Navy. Since he died I tend to take this card as a positive from him. So today he is telling me about abilities, specifically stability and dependability, with a dash of security. I suppose the weight of an anchor can hold you down but you often need it to keep yourself from drifting. I tend to daydream so this is a card for focus. Sure, lie on the beach, but do something while resting there.



Woman of the Ashes

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The illustrations in the Rana George Lenormand are done by Callie French and they are wonderful. Rana included two versions of the Woman card, this one is the more modern.

Since this is a significator card but I’m not using it with other cards, it will be me, swanning around, glad to be home after a 2.5-day trip to meet my family and put our parents’ ashes in the sea. My Mom has been dead for 25 years and I think she is thankful to get out of that box. We threw in snippets of cedar and arbutus bark as well as white roses as we scattered their ashes together into the sea in a spot they loved to anchor in and where they wanted their ashes to go.

While we were doing this a seal popped his head up three times watching us, and seals were special for my Mom so we took it as a sign that they were aware of us being there. You could see their ashes mingling under the water as we took turns pouring in a bit of each. Lovely, and we had a special tape of an album they owned with a song called Lowlands Away among others. Lowlands was playing while we poured their ashes into the sea. My Dad’s name was John, you see? Perfect.

Here is a nice version of the song by Kate McGarrigle and her son Rufus Wainright.

My dogs were glad to be spring from being boarded and my cat was hungry, having eaten all the food I had left. My little family is back together and we are exhausted so enjoying being home.

I’m off to pre-order Steve’s deck; the force of The Spirit Within is strong young Skywalker.



Dinged Corners and All

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Notice how well my scans are showing the dinged corners on these cards?



I tried her with a lime green swirl but she found that she couldn’t concentrate, so I switched to a mint colour. Minty fresh, that’s the best.

She is holding Persephone’s pomegranate and contemplating the approaching cold weather. I’m wondering if I’m ever going to stop feeling pain day and night. Her nod suggests I should look within for healing answers and stop eating frozen yogurt which causes my right knee to swell up.

“Take a hint Jude” she says. I am not trusting the Universe. Never mind the subconscious, look at the dinged corners of the soul, the ones that you keep bashing about, knocking into the same objects over and over.

If I don’t watch it, I’ll be staying in the Underworld permanently.

Happy Sunday!