More Animals Who Like Envelopes

Posted April 28, 2016 by JJ
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That goodly fellow, Steve Bright, alerted me to these twice and I wasn’t sure because I’ve got a lot of animal decks already. I was thinking of buying the app for it, but I do like an actual card to hold.

Today I find myself dithering over buying two books on painting with acrylics. So while looking at books this deck came to mind and I saw a sample online of the 3 of Swords. I mentioned yesterday how particular I was about the art on the 3 of Swords and there is a poignant and painful depiction on the card:


It takes me a while to think about spending money on things, so I’m thinking on it.

Meanwhile I made some envelopes. I understand that animal totems enjoy hand decorated envelopes, which might persuade me to buy this deck.



Look Boss, the Plane, the Plane

Posted April 28, 2016 by JJ
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One of my objections in decks with new art is the devotion to the conventional image of the heart stabbed by three swords on the 3 of Swords. This card’s more inventive, thank you Lo Scarabeo, for being you!

I started to feel sick today with a funny headache and sniffles. After buying some kraft paper to make envelopes and drawing and colouring motifs on one, plus going for a dog walk, I felt slightly better but still not myself.

My husband and I have developed some poor patterns over the years and this plane reminds me of weathering the marital storm. After moving and thinking everything would change, it hasn’t. We are having difficulties as always on some matters. We are feeling that turbulence.

However, I’m starting to think that painting a tree silhouette in the foyer might help. Of course, that’s just THE solution!



The Magus Cobbler

Posted April 26, 2016 by JJ
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I – THE MAGICIAN (Planning)


Yes, I plan to cobble together a pair of shoes today because nothing says Magus energy like a shoe last. Ah the quirkiness of Lo Scarabeo decks!

“Establish a line of conduct to make your dreams come true and act according to strategy but with flexibility.”

I like this bit about establishing conduct. As we know, the Magus can be the most inspiring and compelling person in the world but he can tend to slip into unpleasant trickster ways if you don’t watch him. You think he’s a ragged old cobbler sitting by the side of the road with tired, hooded eyes, until in a flash, he gets up and you see his rags are made from silk and leather and his old hat is a silk fedora and his two-tone shoes are new and polished and he’s got his very alert eyes on you.

A good day to think about conduct and maybe the way people present themselves and how mistaken you can be.




Perky Reflections

Posted April 24, 2016 by JJ
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Someone’s jolly today. Well, I think she’s gearing up to copy out her tax forms in good. Pausing before the chore, she decides to go for a brief walk in the woods, taking off her accountant hat, suit and sensible shoes in a moment of ecstasy, contemplating the razor sharp points of…

Okay, well before abandoning herself totally, she’s going to check off her receipts against her credit card bill. While doing that she sees again in her mind the blue mantel and new chesterfield and chair and numerous decorative pillows. It’s almost as good as the feel or water on her skin.


Similar colours to water though, providing the alchemy of tranquility and moderation while sitting in a bright living room, reflecting.


I’m voting for having a browse through those books on abstract art techniques. That mantel needs a BIG piece of art.

Happy Sunday!

The Harmony of Forms Completed

Posted April 23, 2016 by JJ
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Yeah, you’ve got it, I completed the rough copy of our income taxes yesterday. It took me almost two hours to get the paper copies organized as I had to download and print some of them for the previous province I lived in. Nothing says “Joy!” like downloading and printing two copies of 4-page forms ad infinitum. Hours later I’ve double checked my figure work and I’ll check it again when I write it out in good.

In celebration I went to a shop and bought two decorative pillows for the living room because I was advised my new sofa and chair were coming next week. Rewards for efforts. AND the guy in the shop I went to gave me 25% off on the pillows. Plus I didn’t have to drive two hours to another town, I bought them locally.

Wrangle those seemingly chaotic forms into a nice yin and yang pattern, that’s the way.

Now if I could get those dozens of pictures hung and card decks put away. It’s that kind of day, I shall spin around with the spouse and a hammer and meander through the task and dream of colour and design.

Because I got those #£&/$”* taxes done.

Persevere kids, lalala.

King Blue Under the Lamp at Dawn

Posted April 22, 2016 by JJ
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I was up at 4 am feeding the cat (as you do) and couldn’t get back to sleep. Yesterday I only slept for 3 hours and got so dizzy I had to go back to bed in the afternoon. We went for a nature walk two days ago and the terrain was rugged, so my knees are now tender and I feel frail and sickly and I resent that.

I’ve got so much to do and this body is dragging me down. I breathe, I mindfully think of good things and try to have compassion for my body but I really hate it some days.

The King says “Isn’t that illuminating?” as he sits and ponders my inability to love myself.

However, this guy gets things done, perhaps a reminder that no matter how awful you feel you can harness your mind and choose to do something in a day.

I can feel myself getting a bit down which can be dangerous if I don’t catch it in time. Extra vitamins mateys!

Alert to the Challenge of Setting Up

Posted April 16, 2016 by JJ
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When I first saw this I thought of the drudgery of textile mills and low wages. I think she’s just concentrating on her task though, focusing on what’s at hand, perhaps competing with other workers to get the most done in a day.

It’s a good card for meeting challenges and coming out on top. Remember to take breaks and eat properly, if you’re collaborating (home renovation with the spouse) it will go well—think negotiation rather than competition.

It’s fine to have a machine to help you but people aren’t machines, there’s a balance there. Weaving is a repetitive motion and you often don’t feel you’re getting anywhere but all of a sudden you’ve got a length of cloth. I’m also thinking with this image of how much effort it takes to warp a loom, and then after that it’s straightforward, you just carry on.

So I think the suggestion of tedium is really there in the image but it’s about starting the task, getting set up rather than any tedium associated with the task itself. “Income taxes” and “sanding the fireplace mantel” I think to myself for today. Get set up and do a little bit, get the momentum going.


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