Prudent Foresight Raises a Cup of Mulled Wine

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This couple looks like they are raising a cup of mulled wine in the winter months around Christmas.

Actually, young Molly got off her duff and sewed the yoke of her nightie today, and then put the basting stitches in for gathering her front, back, and sleeves. That’s because Molly has the foresight to know that she should set up her work for the coming day to make it easier to do.

What a prudent woman Moll is.

Mmm, is that cinnamon and cloves Moll? Darn right, nice spices from the earth and a tiled floor, it doesn’t get any better.



In the Ground with Wheat

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The house depicted on this card is probably from one of the 625 pages in the Luttrell Psalter but I don’t have an visual example of it. The British Library has a few pages scanned from the book and there is both an out-of-print facsimile edition that is expensive, and an eBook you can buy on iTunes for £6.99 that is not expensive.

One of the things the dreadful fundamentalists have not ruined are the beautiful and uplifting 150 psalms from the Christian bible. I admit that the idea of having a facsimile of an illustrated manuscript of a psalter such as this is appealing.



I’m on the ground today at last! Enjoying the smell of growing wheat and the warmth of sun, the light of the sky.

The circular item might be a platter, the type of platter popular for the wealthy in Medieval times. It also reminds me of the glass platter that Laura Ingalls Wilder saved when her house burned down during the early years of her marriage. It depicted wheat and made reference to daily bread.

The ultimate material card, the Ace of Coins is about prosperity, but I like to think today it’s about the day-to-day and better choices in focus and living.



Better a Nudge Than Nowt

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I didn’t post yesterday as I was in such a funk I didn’t want to spread it around! However, by noon my back had settled down and I was getting restless, so I did a laundry and then ironed 6 meters of fabric and cut out another nightie. Then I got my sewing machine cleaned, oiled, and inserted a new needle and wound a full bobbin with white thread, so I was ready to go today. It’s amazing how that cheered me up and got me back on track.

UPDATE: I am including a bit of extra information on the image on this card which is inspired by the Luttrell Psalter, and is discussed in my book Mirror in Parchment: The Luttrell Psalter and the Making of Medieval England by Michael Camille. It took me a day to locate the book on my many bookshelves. I am attaching the reproduction of the page, folio 171r, which has this image of harrowing that Maggie Kneen adapted for the Old English Tarot card.


In 1958 this particular folio depicting the harrowing on the estate of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell was reproduced in the magazine History Today in an article by Maurice Keen about Robin Hood. This folio opens with Psalm 94 in Latin: “Quia in manu eius omnes fines terre” for which the closest English translation is cited from The New English Bible “The farthest places of the earth are in his hands and the folds of the hills are his.” Harrowing is done after the seeds are sown, to cover the seeds with earth.

One of the reasons I bought this deck was because of my interest in medieval and illuminated manuscripts and history.

TWO OF BATONS (2 of Wands)


Another wand, I guess it’s my week for learning about energy and fire. I keep thinking of physics and momentum and how just a small start will gather energy and build momentum and make things easier to get going. Science knows.

I often call this the Surveying the Kingdom card, because it reminds me of a ruler surveying his land and seeing what needs done and what is good. Leadership or stewardship applies to your own body as well. I think it important to realize that even with injury or pain the body and mind need something to do, some forward momentum to be happy, even if it’s only a nudge.

Happily nudging away today…



Wasted Days

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Another Pentacle today. I didn’t pull this card until 7 p.m. as I had my computer turned off. It is my 38th anniversary today and I got some lovely flowers and a card in the afternoon and an exciting trip to the library in the morning. Neither one of us is feeling it, we are just sitting and reading and not talking. I have bad pain and am depressed and and he is depressed.

It does not make a good celebratory day. We tiptoe around each other, he tuning me out when I speak, and me shutting down into my own mind. A good book makes a good companion fortunately.



I did not want to see this guy. Mr. Practical energy, Mr. Business. The only thing I can think of for today is that he’s steady, much like my husband. Wheee!!!

So, not a great day. Meh. That’s the way it is some days, even anniversaries.

Lalalala, back to W is for Wasted.



Loops, Looping, Grinding Away

Posted July 22, 2014 by JJ
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Not a great day, I hurt my back and knees trying to do housework yesterday and today (particularly floor scrubbing and sweeping), and Norton is still eating my hard drive. So I came downstairs and watched a couple of half hour shows on Cottage Life television and watched my floor dry very slowly in the humid weather, to try and settle my mind. I ate lunch, it was nice to take a break.


This is supposed to be a card of philanthropy or material gain. I am not feeling it, I’m feeling my CPU getting hotter and hotter while Norton grinds away doing whatever it is that it won’t let go of. Ah there, it has finally let go of its loop.

I also think I’m a little anxious over two projects I need to do. I don’t want to do them when I’m irritable, as I tend to wreck things when in such a mood, but not doing them gets me worried.

And on and on it goes. Speaking of loops and programs. Maybe this card is about taking the attention off myself…I don’t know. It would be a kindness to me.


Stoop and Mend, Patching With the Unconscious

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Isn’t this beautiful? No wonder I’ve been thinking about this deck.

This is a taking care of business card, maybe envisioning or waiting for new things. Here she is looking after things, tidying up almost. There is a small patch of blue on her marble-patterned dress, which reminds me of Jo’s patched muslin dress from the book Little Women. Jo had the habit of standing in front of the fire to get warm and her dress scorched one time she did that, so she had to patch it.

It’s very practical to patch expensive clothes. Perhaps persistence and plugging away, letting my unconscious work on things while I do practical tasks, might be the message.



Crop and Let it Go

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The scanning abilities of my new printer are not too good. Note to computer companies: program the software to preview and crop and adjust the colours before scanning! To be fair, my old Epson allowed this but the new Canon does not (nor did the evil Brother printer I had to return), hence the reliance on my buddy Photoshop.

A friend and I were talking about old decks and the flavour and creation of decks that existed 15 to 25 years ago. He bought the Unicorn Tarot to try and recapture that, and I decided to drag out some of the oldies but goodies and keep them down here to use. I never like to truncate time to a schedule so I might use some for days or weeks and others for a day or whatever follows.

I have been thinking much of the Hudes Tarot, and had a bit of trouble locating it among three bookshelves and a cupboard until I remembered that I’d put it in a bag, and that particular bag is in the cupboard. It’s been in a few different bags over the years but I found the greens, golds and reds in this bag suited it, with the stars and compasses reflecting the stars and maps and charts used as patterns and backgrounds in the deck, so it found its final home.





This card always means a sickening feeling of obsession to me, the winding snake of the mind, a feeling that I can’t get enough or fill myself up. A reminder to crop the obsessive thoughts from the mind and concentrate on what I have. Too much daydreaming and wishful thinking is often a loop I get stuck in.

Today I would like to sit down and create without all the wishful thinking. I want to draw and paint and colour and get something done. Something that may not be perfect but it is what has been in my mind for years. Get it out of the realm of daydreams and realize a design, that’s my activity for today.




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