Peel Me a Grape, Crush Me a Virus

Posted September 16, 2014 by JJ
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WOMAN OF POETRY (Queen of Wands)

“To go forth to the Great Harvest & Vintage of the Nations”


Standing in between the grain and grape of the “Harvest and Vintage” of the quotation, it is as if her energy, her waving of arms has made them fruitful. She is pulling off her cloak/cocoon to go forth in a rather dramatic way.

Lots of energy and wild hair. She WILL speak up and go forth and that’s the end of it.

The cheek of the woman, baring her chest when I’ve got a chest cold. I bet she’s never had a bloody virus that made her wonky for a week.

Let’s harvest some good health and drink a vintage of free Respiratory wine.



Musing on Ennui, a Tinkle of Schubert in the Background

Posted September 14, 2014 by JJ
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Digging around in the collection for another one of my older decks, I pulled out the first edition of Ed Buryn’s The William Blake Tarot. One of my favourites, and the deck that got my art history and poetry interests humming again after decades of languishing.

4 OF MUSIC – MUSING (4 of Cups)


A slightly different take on the ennui usually associated with this card. The element associated with it is fire rather than water. Smoke and vibrating energy like sound waves…here the ancient bard plays the harp and young children pass a nest of baby birds down from a tree. Improvisation and musing on the past can freshen your life and imagination and help you release stress.

So instead of being sick of the world and feeling jaded, you simply take a break and muse on things, relax and let the imagination flow like music, making space for gifts of the spirit.

Ed signed this for me when I bought it in November 2002, a long time ago. The exchange rate between Canadian and US Funds was extreme at the time, so I paid almost twice as much, but it was worth it. I was pleased to see that he had reprinted it and hope other people get as much pleasure from it as I have.

I bought a number of books on Blake including facsimiles of his books and a biography. He was rather hard to like as a person, but had vision and imagination.



100 Grams of That and Cherry Flavouring

Posted September 13, 2014 by JJ
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Patriot is balancing force with wisdom here, he’s balancing antihistamines for allergies with cough syrup for the virus from hell.

I am unconcerned, having achieved balance of mind with a big, fat biography of William Morris that came in on inter-library loan yesterday. For an insomniac like me, a virus is both blessing and curse, because I feel very sick yet have such peaceful, long sleeps as my body tries to repair itself.

I just don’t want the cough to turn into bronchitis and necessitate a trip to the doctor for antibiotics.

Phlegm be gone! Justice is mine.



Jynx Has a Little Lie Down

Posted September 9, 2014 by JJ
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FOUR OF BLADES (4 of Swords)


The cards got this right, I have a bad cold and have been in and out of bed all day. I should know that when I feel hopelessly down emotionally there might be a physical component to it, like a blooming virus. I’ve lost all my taste, so even a tea isn’t appealing, so I’ve switched to ice water.

I love in the booklet where they say…”wounded but alive.”

Atta boy Jynx, just lie down for a bit.



Limelight Ruminates on Men’s Hair Care

Posted September 8, 2014 by JJ
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Limelight and his family enjoy the perfect day after spending time grooming themselves.

TEN OF MASKS (10 of Cups)


Mrs. Limelight was noticing that Mr. Limelight’s hair was looking a bit straggly. When his hair grows out it tends to make him look older and somehow powerless, like an aged man who has lost his effectiveness in the world, and thus he loses his confidence and emits a shadow of flickering passivity. And you thought it was just a haircut!

After their morning tea she convinced him to let her cut his hair as it hadn’t been cut since June. He wasn’t going to wash his hair but who wants to cut damp, greasy hair? Off to the bathroom for Big L. and a shampoo before the spousal stylist took her scissors to him. A few minutes later they were done and Limelight could go about his business secure in his masculinity and aura of power and action.

The next day Limelight trimmed Mrs. Limelight’s hair before she showered. Then the kids got a trim, and laundry is in the machine getting ready to be hung out to dry in the sun. Gosh darn, it’s a fuchsia and green kind of day.

Men’s hair care: who knew it was so important?



Shapeless Shadows of Inaction

Posted September 7, 2014 by JJ
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Dang, for all the good of two days I was back to hovering about the bedroom until 4 or 5 a.m. unable to sleep. Tinnitus is back and driving me crazy. The spouse and I aren’t speaking much—we haven’t found the balance of his retirement yet.

NINE OF STAVES ( 9 of Wands)


This character is Goldenrod, a reminder of allergy season no doubt and defence against the dark forces of pollen.

I used to read at night with the radio on in the living room, but the spouse likes to watch TV at night for hours after a huge, heavy meal, and it’s bringing me down. I used to eat lightly at night, and avoided watching junk and wasting time when I could be reading and listening to lovely jazz music. We have separate interests, I suppose I go watch TV for company.

I feel like a shapeless person who does nothing and has no purpose. This card implies a break to recharge personal power. This is actually sometimes a card of retirement in the literal sense, like resting, of getting ready to do something else, of waiting. Patience, keeping your counsel. It also points out the one idea or attitude you are clinging to quite firmly. Tension in Goldenrod holding his stance reminds me of my own chronic muscle tension.

I want to watch television when there is an actual program on that is good, instead of sitting and waiting, drifting through station after station with the remote fruitlessly trying to find something interesting. He often says he wants company but I can’t sit and watch four hours of golf on a Sunday and then another 4 hours of nothing. I’ve tried to do art or embroider in front of the television but particularly for art, I find I can’t concentrate and enjoy the process.

If it means I’m alone all the time and he’s alone I can’t see another way. I am giving up my life for inanity. I have nothing to do, and when I try to do something I hit a wall of pain. It feels pointless.

It’s one of those “I don’t know” days.



Solitaire Nabs The World

Posted September 6, 2014 by JJ
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Thank goodness for Tylenol. I was able to sleep as the Tylenol dissolves the nerve pain, or blocks it anyway so I can at least sleep. I had to take one during the day today as well. I don’t like to take it for a long time as it’s bad for the liver, but during a crisis I suppose it’s better than nothing, as I can then rest.



The character is called Solitaire, and she looks pretty feisty. She took my hand and said “Keep going, I am here.”

This is a good card, and we spent five hours yesterday cleaning bedrooms and moving furniture, washing walls and floors, and cleaning the bathroom, then had a meeting with a new contractor last night to do the bathroom. He should be able to do it in November. I hope the snow stays away long enough to get the venting pipe for the new fan through the roof.

As well, we had the car detailed today. First time ever, but after five years of commuting 1,000 kms per week it needed professional help. Cleaned and shampooed, it looks wonderful considering it is five years old. We have 235,000 kms on the engine but hopefully we can keep it going for a few years.

We went to the library and got some books we had on reserve, so a great day, as one might expect from Solitaire. I am still eating fruit and drinking lots of water. We are having salmon and steamed vegetables for dinner so that sounds good.

Good, good, chipping away at it…




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