Lojong #28

Posted December 17, 2014 by JJ
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Abandon any hope of fruition



I picked this for the words “abandon hope” because it seemed totally against anything we are taught. I love the image of figs ripening on a tree.

It’s not exactly the abandonment of hope, but the abandonment of what hope thinks that things should be, what we think of as success or failure. Instead of being focused on the results or our feelings of hope tied to certain results, we focus on the present, on the task on hand, without trying to force the outcome we want. You know what happens when you try to force things, you get impatient and annoyed, you feel stubborn or fearful, all wrapped up in some sort of anxiety and irritation.

Norman Fischer says “…if we measure our progress and become crestfallen when progress does not match the image our hope has projected, then hope becomes counterproductive.” Hope then becomes limiting and leads to discouragement.

Things will always change, therefore we don’t need to hope for change. It’s the subjectivity of what we hope for that causes disillusion if it doesn’t happen that way. Have we improved or failed? The mere hoping for something called “improvement” could potentially be sabotaging. Anything we imagine, like a vacation or something we make, never turns out the way we imagine. Is it the improvement we hoped for? It is impossible to say. Things will change, that’s all.

Abandon any hope of what fruition is or isn’t.

Boy, this trips me up constantly. How much nicer to feel happy just doing and puttering in the present without all this angst about hope for getting better or improving and what we want to happen. It seems tricky because we spend our entire lives doing the opposite, at least in Western societies, being taught that this sort of attachment to hope is a grand thing.

This is definitely going to need to filter in for a few days of contemplation. I’m saying what it is but I haven’t quite taken it in.



Animals, Children, and a Darn Good Likeness of a Sheep

Posted December 16, 2014 by JJ
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Since the death of my cat Stitch superseded Database Monday, I’m doing Database Monday on Tuesday. Mondays can be stretched into Tuesday in the space/time continuum of Because I Can.

These are the Creature Teacher Cards by Scott Alexander King, published by Blue Angel and illustrated by Sioux Dollman. I bought them for the artwork on the 45 cards. I use it but the book is written for children as a way for them to deal with the real world and real world situations, and a way of working through it in a way that helps them talk about problems. So the writing is a bit odd for adults, a bit simplistic, but the cards are good.

(Click to enlarge)


For those of you waiting for the sheep.


As you can see, adults might have to deal with many of the same things or need similar affirmations so that’s why I keep this deck. I like relevant commentary no matter what.

I also like a good depiction of the Tawny Frogmouth. You can’t beat that as the impetus to buy a deck of cards.



Skulls of Birds and Cats

Posted December 15, 2014 by JJ
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It was a sad day for us, as our cat Stitch was euthanized this afternoon after 18 months of deteriorating health. Have a safe journey my little Bobbet, my happy-go-lucky friend.





Journeys through the murky waters of death and old age, and the moon and mysteries of life and the unconscious.



Wealth, Cha, Cha, Cha

Posted December 14, 2014 by JJ
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Yesterday I shuffled around in my nightie and sweater and two blankets all day. I guess my body needed it because today I was up early and bathed with hair washed and ready to go.

I made tortillas for lunch with Maseca mix to go with leftover vegan chili. They turned out well and they were no problem to cook in a non-stick pan with no oil. I couldn’t believe it. After lunch I made some fresh oat milk with a new strainer and nut bag, and that turned out well. I will try it out for breakfast tomorrow with some Red River Cereal. After lying down for an hour I made some ice lollies using a frozen berry mix, freshly squeezed lemon, banana and water with the new molds I bought back in October

Then I made a nice barley pilaf for dinner. I could hardly move because my back was so sore but at least I had some energy and made an effort. I am drinking lots of water tonight.

From the Relationship Cards by Susan Woldman.



Apparently I need to get ready for tremendous success as prosperity paves a golden path for me and I am showered with blessings.

Based on today, I think the blessings are other than monetary, the success is going to be something else, hopefully health-related.



Clockless Rainbow Rhythm

Posted December 12, 2014 by JJ
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The Perfect Calm Deck is one of the publications by Chronicle Books that I really enjoy. They make great decks, but seem to have turned to other things in recent years. It’s very hard to scan the clarity and colour of these cards and they are on matte laminated heavy card, they feel very substantial.

Today it’s all about waking naturally, resting when you feel tired, and giving yourself as long as you need to complete tasks without being ruled by time and stress. Years ago my husband and I both stopped wearing watches and I do find that more peaceful. I find especially with computers that my natural rhythm gets skewed. The constraints of time need to be let go some days. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. but after an hour I am ready to get a hot water bottle and go back to bed.

I like the idea of peace and rest with this, and that is supported by the thoughts of the Rainbow card and a difficult situation being over. The book says that things should be much easier in the future. I hope so, I’m exhausted and feeling very down to the point of not being able to spark myself.

A day of rest, thinking of cycles and rainbows and natural rhythms.



Hydrangeas Can Be Overly Showy

Posted December 11, 2014 by JJ
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PEACOCK – Beware of great pride.


Another seemingly made for each other duo.

The Cat card talks about how the Egyptians worshiped the cat and considered it valuable as a worker and companion. The cat’s qualities of independence and regal ways are attractive to us, and thus an attitude to emulate for us to be adored by our peers.


Peacock has another way of looking at it, some balance at least. Self-aggrandizement can lead to troubling feelings of omnipotence that tend to make you mean and rude. We dislike seeing others puff themselves up with self-importance so the message here is to be independent and carry yourself with regal respect but not to let it go to your head.

While you’re at it, perhaps a nice hydrangea bush for the garden…?



Cwicly, the Calomel Claw Orbits the Sun

Posted December 10, 2014 by JJ
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Ooooh, I get to cite one of my favourite little poems. I discovered this in a used chemistry textbook when I took a chemistry course via correspondence about 22 years ago.

There are two Mercury Chlorides, one is a non-soluble form called calomel that is used in medicines, and the other is a soluble, highly poisonous salt called corrosive sublimate.

Auntie Jane gave baby Nell
What she thought was calomel;
But alas, what baby ate
Was corrosive sublimate.
Not much difference, I confess
One atom (and one baby) less.

I thought this was a scream and memorized it while cooking pasta one night, running up to my husband brandishing the spork I was using to stir the spaghetti, and reciting this poem repeatedly until I got each line memorized.

On to the card from the marvelous Elemental Hexagons deck.

80 – MERCURY – MUTABILITY – QUICKSILVER – Metaphysical World: Hell
HEART – Love, deep affection, caring.
CLAW – Be careful—do not take risks.

(click to enlarge)


That’s right, be careful how you combine your atoms. Deep affection reminds me of warmth and wow, Mercury does orbit closest to the sun, it all ties in.


Here is today’s interesting fact: back in 350 B.C. Aristotle was the first person to refer to mercury as liquid silver. Therefore, the chemical symbol Hg is used for Mercury because it comes from the Latin hydrargyrum which means liquid silver. The term quicksilver comes from the Old English cwic which means living, and I suppose translates to the silver liquid as a living, moving thing.

It is a rather reddish substance, or can be if you turn baby’s extremities pink from too much calomel. The card shows the Brahms Crater on the planet Mercury, and represents sensitivity to one’s environment and hopefully balancing those atoms in chemical equations. The world can be hell without love and a careful avoidance of big, red claws.

It’s not Brahms, but let us hear a rendition of Mercury, the Winged Messenger from Gustav Holst’s The Planets.

I think that covers it all, and cwicly too.




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