The Moog Improves My Mood

Posted April 15, 2014 by JJ
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After a great day yesterday drawing and re-organizing my Prismacolor pencils, today was an absolute drag.

In the evening around 8 p.m. I put this song on by Snarky Puppy called Thing of Gold. I heard this amazing thing last week on the radio and couldn’t get the “hook” out of my mind.

Here is a YouTube audio-only version (which they have mistakenly titled Things [plural] of Gold:

If you want to be blown away watch their video of performing it:

The guy on the Moog synthesizer is amazing, as is the sax guy and the two horn players, the other keyboards, the strings and guitars. Such an incredible arrangement, but it works. It burbles along, letting your mind soar, thinking of possibilities and the mystery of life and the whole shebang.

That hook man. Does anybody remember when the Moog synthesizer was practically the size of a house?

So, now I’m drawing a card for tomorrow in an effort to thwart the Blue Meanies before they come back.



That’s right, the Fool plays with the ball, throwing it in the air, listening to the sounds of a Moog in the distance and violins, and he trips along, a magical song burbling out from his mind, revolving in the wind and dancing, dancing.

Oh let’s listen to it again.


I Wish for Pizza

Posted April 8, 2014 by JJ
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Yikes, three and a half weeks without cheese. We decided to have a small plain cheese pizza for lunch with a big homemade green salad in order to nip the craving in the bud. This is what I find about proper eating: you go along for weeks and then a craving hits. The best thing is to satisfy it a BIT and then carry on eating properly for another month and then you might have another one, but only a small portion. I find that the thing you wish for never tastes as good as you think, which makes it easier.



This is from the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz which I bought when my favourite Uncle died five years ago.

The fairy is naked but secure in herself. This is often called “the wish card” and today it fits in with me wishing for cheese. Cheese when you think about it, is really a deadly product, filled with fat and salt, sort of waxy because in mass production they don’t actually age it, it’s like fatty tasteless wax. But melted and bubbling it holds a strong appeal. Pizza, macaroni and cheese, these are great comfort foods, opiates stronger than any alcohol.

My husband hates macaroni and cheese. Go figure. At some point the lure of cheese lessens, but it’s a tough one. I could go months and years without meat, but cheese is something entirely hard to give up.

Because of this card I shall have to think of abundance and wish fulfillment in other areas of life. After we have out treat I am going to be sewing on my second summer nightie that I cut out yesterday. This one is lightly longer and will have a ruffle at the bottom. You can’t have everything the same. You can’t eat the same old food and you can’t do the same old things, you have to switch things up.


My doll Saila is approving the fabric as she stands wearing her new black and white dress that I made. She is also wearing her summer sandals, ever hopeful the snow will disappear.

Oh gee, WordPress has just reminded me that I’ve been here for six years. See what happens when you persevere?


As I Age I Find Myself Thinking of Georgia O’Keeffe

Posted April 6, 2014 by JJ
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During a sleepless night I got up to read in my special chair, surrounded by art and the aches and pains of age, and thought about Georgia O’Keeffe. So I pulled down her favourite book, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, from my shelf at Poetry Corner and peacefully browsed until drowsy.

“Enshu said the idea of a garden path was to be found in the following verses:

A cluster of summer trees,
A bit of the sea,
A pale evening moon.

It is not difficult to gather his meaning. He wished to create the attitude of a newly awakened soul still lingering amid shadowy dreams of the past, yet bathing in the sweet unconsciousness of a mellow spiritual light, and yearning for the freedom that lay in the expanse beyond.”

Kobori Enshu lived in 16th century Japan and was known for his garden design and poetry. I can see the words I have quoted from The Book of Tea inspiring Georgia’s art and sensibility.


From The Georgia O’Keeffe Oracle, handmade for me by Laura Secor:

Oil on canvas
H: 16 x W: 30 in / H: 40.6 x W: 76.2 cm


1959 was the year Georgia took an around-the-world trip with friends. In Asia she was again inspired by Japanese prints and the poetry of Japan and China, as she had been when young. She found the landscapes of New Mexico reminding her of Oriental vistas; the light and mountains like Japanese prints. She made trips around the United States to look at Asian art collections in museums. She returned again to Asia in 1960, visiting Cambodia and other places she had missed the previous year, as well as Japan.

In 1960, before she went on her second trip to Asia, she had her first exhibition on 14 years. This painting was one exhibited along with other new, “organic” landscapes and abstracts.

Two mountains intersecting or a bird in flight, the juxtaposition is beautiful, dreamy yet full of energy. Tension, yet peace. All those things.

And maybe it was inspired by Kakuzo Okakura’s small book and the passage about Enshu’s garden path and the soul awakening, still amid the shadowy dreams of the past, bathing in spiritual light, and yearning and reaching for freedom?



Rescue from a Great Height

Posted April 5, 2014 by JJ
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Today I visit the Enchanted Map Oracle.



It’s all about asking for help, just ask. Safety is also within.

I got my x-ray results. A little bone chip rolling around in one of my knees, although not the knee that causes me the most pain. Some arthritis in my lower spine with possible spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), now or later. Ageing is fun. I hurt my back back in 1983 and I guess this is the legacy.

Nothing else was indicated, but at some point I will need an MRI to find out if I have ligament or tendon damage. I’m pretty sure I do but we decided I’d lose some weight first and then see. My blood pressure was down to normal so I’ll keep taking the pills for that, until weight loss finally gets rid of the high blood pressure.

So, not too bad after a sleepless night worried about going to a specialist or worse.

I am looking into buying an exercise bike since our road is so dangerous to ride my regular bike on. That guy in the balloon must be looking out for me.


Giganto Spindly Spiny Things Eat Swan in a Dream

Posted April 3, 2014 by JJ
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A little note about the Tarot of the Spirit before I start: I loved this when I got it about 10 or 11 years ago. I still like it, and I especially like that it is Thoth-based. What I really like about it is that an artist painted it and took the time, and the book is thoughtful and filled with poetry. They took several years to write and paint the deck. That’s like diamonds and pearls today, considered among the hastily designed and published computer collage decks.

Enter another world, a world of care and attention, of effort; I read the book and see the depth in card study, the tie-in to psychology, to the Earth, the long history of Man, the mysterious Universe and our part in it. Pamela Eakins says “…the Tarot of the Spirit is offered as a guide for those seeking lasting balance.”

WATER SISTER (Page of Cups)

Cool trolls with shades and books have invaded my space today. Always reminding me that when all else fails I can go sit in the garden and read a book.


I most definitely notice the Thoth influence in the swan, but what is the strange giant tadpole at the bottom? It’s not a tadpole it’s a sea turtle, and she is crouched on its shell. Strange, I just got a sea turtle in the Ironwing from another draw. In Hindu philosophy the tortoise supports the elephant which in turn supports the world.

This being a suit of emotion, I might think he is like the monster under the bed, the bogey man from dark water that touches your leg when you are ready to transform into a swan and embrace all that you can be, like a young girl starting out in life.

Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius
Water Sister
hears the Message of the Fishes
she is the Power of the Waters;
Force behind the Seas
infinitely gracious
Secret Priestess of the Water
floats on psychic Visions
and perpetual dreams

Water Sister
Love Delivered!
Sacred Vows and Oaths Discovered!

Loving sister
to the spindly spiny creatures
of the
Dancing Diamonds grace the ruffled
surface of her dresses
sweet caresses
Water Sister singing tales
to me.

The emotions and unconscious/subconscious have the power to give sustenance to your ideas. She creates and imagines, but as a quiet visionary, flowing along. Success is coming, keep balancing, keep your roots in the Earth, get watered deeply. Some waters are dark but she is radiant.

Singing tales of dreams imagined.



First Move Through the Labyrinth

Posted April 2, 2014 by JJ
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KING OF BOWS – ADDER (King of Wands)


I traced my pattern off and cut out my nightie two days ago, but I’m pretty sore, so had to take a break. Two more days until I get my x-ray results.

Yesterday a real estate agent put his card on our door. We had talked to him last year, but I think we need to redo the bathroom and clear out some rooms before even attempting to put the house up for sale.

The World Tree has a labyrinth you need to go through before you get to the door, the access to the new journey after the end of another. I can’t wait, only three months until my husband retires, but I am also nervous about getting by on less money and the upheaval of possibly moving and more renovations and packing decades of stuff, particularly many books. It’s hard to think ahead when I am in pain.

But the King of Bows takes these things in his stride. The male snakes are fighting for dominance, the King likes to lead, to be the one with the answers. Strength of resolve occurs to me, path and goals are direct, you take them because it is what you need to do.

Big changes can be frightening. We always thought we would leave it until next Spring, but if we did it this year we’d be away and on the new journey by the time Spring comes. The stress though would be unbelievable and I’m already having health problems.

Maybe the King is too tied up in snarls and knots, or perhaps he is overcomplicating it?



Fiddle with Fabric and Create Freely Floating Fabulous Thoughts

Posted March 30, 2014 by JJ
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I got some sewing done yesterday. It was so joyous to be doing something instead of being anchored in a chair or bed.

This card is from the Well-Being Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I once owned their book The Law of Attraction and subsequent deck of cards Ask and It Is Given but I found them not to my taste, so traded them. This one is good though.

“The harder I push against it, the more I attract its essence.”


Just so.

I made homemade soup yesterday, pre-washed some fabric, did a bit of sewing, did a bit of reading, listened to some nice music. I did anything that would help me counter my thoughts of hopelessness and make the day better. It worked. I think we all know that sitting there stewing about a situation makes it worse, perhaps even attracts the escalation of problems, but it’s the practice of doing something else that we find hard.

By the end of the day I kept telling the spouse what a happy day it was. A far cry from the morning tears and fear.




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