The Memory of the King of Swords

Posted October 26, 2014 by JJ
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My oldest cat followed me downstairs this morning, and I paused on a step to pat her head coming up behind me and said “Just you and me Betty, you and me in the morning.” Her name is Tosca, but her real name is Betty Plodgett. Thus spoke the Universe to me one day 14 years ago.

A good cat friend in the quietude of the morning is a great, great thing. I’m not sure if I’ll have cat friends after my two current friends die. It is getting too expensive and too emotionally difficult to deal with ageing and death in pets.

I heard a song on the radio, an old song from 1971 by the Guess Who with Burton Cummings singing exquisitely. It’s called Sour Suite, and the break in the middle keeps going through my mind:

But it’s too late now
It’s too late now
It’s too late now

Whatever happened to images, ’cause now they’re gone
And worn out phrases just keep a-hangin’ on
Whatever happened to homes as opposed to houses?
A conversation, sayings as the evening drowses
It’s just like four six two oh one
It’s just like four six two oh one






Oh my, the Sword family is coming to play this week. It’s the King of ideas and intellect, black horse rearing in the background, the air in a whirl, white birds flapping.

I am writing today. I have some creative ideas completed, and further artwork ideas for a review I am writing but rather than hold up the review, I’ll add them next year. The last review I wrote was for the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot and I am so slow to create that it was held up for two years. This time I shall add to it, keep it alive with momentum.

Happy Sunday!





Of Cupcakes and Joists

Posted October 25, 2014 by JJ
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Some people get anxiety about going outside, or speaking in public, or driving etc. I get anxiety about the load bearing wall in my house. Today I had to get up and check it carefully after five hours of sleep.

I have no idea why this thing started up. Maybe it’s a sub-conscious thing about not feeling supported or being too heavy? I’m good these days at stopping a full-blown anxiety attack. I’ve had two in my life and that’s enough, but it makes me wonder why this starts up. I can feel it there like the last time, which was three or four years ago.



Queenie says “What’s all this nonsense about walls cupcake?”

“I don’t know Queenie…” I say starting to flap my hands in front of my face and grimace.

“Get your anxiety workbook out dearie pie!”

“I don’t like icing Queenie.”

“You are in charge of your thoughts sweetie.”

“Yeah, okay, but what about the heavy porcelain tiles going in the bathroom?” Twitch, twitch, slight upheaval of the mind and some eyes screwing up tightly.

“The weight spreads out over a small 5-foot square area area with many joists and concrete block underneath.”

“Are you sure Queenie?”

“Yes, I am sure cookie.”

Queenie, just sitting down to eat an exuberantly decorated cupcake, is not impressed that I’ve interrupted her with this fatuous turmoil. She looks at me with her knife poised and says “Don’t be a drip.”

I nod and ponder walls and cross-bracing, overlapped joists, tripled slabs of wood, and metal support thingies. My hands start flapping, she looks up, icing dripping down her fork and says “I told you about this I’m not telling you again.”




Dragons Apparently Like Photography

Posted October 22, 2014 by JJ
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For those who feel confusion, the Kings in this deck are women. All is right with the world.


The King and her dragon are going to eat help the person on the ground. Do you doubt? This King is similar to the Wands Queen in that you have to remain aware of him, he can turn quickly into something formidable.

Wait, that dragon is saying “Show me your dog pictures, or else!”



Helpless, I get up from the ground and obey the directive, pondering red-frocked imperiousness.



Performing Magic on Two Hours of Sleep

Posted October 21, 2014 by JJ
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I think I broke a record last night with only two hours of sleep, and I’m still going.

Yesterday was a bad day, but today I got a laundry done, made some homemade leek and potato soup, and did some research and writing. Not bad, if only I didn’t feel like I was going to fall every time I move. Perhaps I am morphing into a Salvador Dali watch face? I bet that’s it!



Peek-a-Boo, I see Morpheus…oh wait, he’s been eaten by a leopard. That Magus has a terrible sense of humour. The red bird, with the red eyes is trapped in the jungle of fiery synapses, not to mention the cage of rigid muscles.



The Big Whirly Bug of Success

Posted October 18, 2014 by JJ
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Feeling slightly better today, day 6 of the vegan diet. So far no Tylenol and only 1/2 an allergy pill. I got all my vegan cookbooks and informational books today in the mail plus the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. I’m just going to keep plugging away. I have started a daily diary for the vegan diet to track symptom flare-ups if they are food –related and I started an diary for my exercise bike so I can also keep track of symptoms and the amount of exercise I am able to do.



Trumpeting success, the Queen’s elephant statue sends her off on a big whirly bug. The landscape seems rather bleak, but her spirits are high, she is flying toward victory.

AND she has a lot less pain. Whew, not a bad day at all.



The Big Pumpkin

Posted October 16, 2014 by JJ
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I drew this morning and thought how perfect it was for an October day. The booklet for this deck has all kinds of facts which I enjoy: “The word pumpkin originates from the word pepon, which is Greek for ‘large melon.’”

Yes, it’s a big pumpkin kind of day. The spouse made a gorgeous salad for lunch and I had steamed veggies and a baked potato for dinner. I always think of food with abundance, and that of course is what the harvest is all about.



Cultivate seeds in your life.



“I’m trapped here, I’m trapped again.”

Posted October 15, 2014 by JJ
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Elizabeth Shepherd has a new album out called The Signal which is jazz with quite a bit of electro-pop funk stuff so it’s different. There is one song called What’s Happening that they play a lot on the jazz radio station I listen to.


What’s Happening?
from The Signal by Elizabeth Shepherd

Feel the welcome start to fade, what’s happening, what’s happened here?
It’s a new and different war to lose again; I’m losing it.
Neighbours slowly turn away; I’m trapped here, I’m trapped again.

Thinly veiled is my pride
Thinly veiled fear in their eyes,
Such waste for my heavy heart
This wasted life, this part I play

How I know this sinking feeling well, so well
Of written laws that hold the keys to hell, my hell

Empty schools bear testament – it happens here, it’s happening
Sisters say it’s for our good, just feel our love, do you feel our love?
Take away the work I own and keep the pay, just keep your pay.
But leave me my own war to wage for dignity, for dignity.

Thinly veiled …

I woke up with this song going through my head repeatedly and I felt pretty good this morning so immediately started cooking a vegan stew. I soaked the beans last night and I have my fingers crossed it will be good. (It was, you can see the steam in the upper left hand corner.)


With a song in my heart…



For me today, this would indicate sincerity toward myself. I’ve been ill for over five years and I’ve made half-hearted attempts to get well, insincere attempts.

When you pray every day to die because you are in pain and then eat a carton of ice cream, you are not being sincere with yourself.




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